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Price: AUD 227.00

Receive 6 BIG Crosswords; 6 Cluewords; 3 Colossus Crosswords; 3 MEGA! Crosswords®; 3 Code Crackers; 3 FindaWord® & 3 Crossword & Puzzle Collection delivered directly to you.

Price: AUD 442.00

Receive 13 BIG Crosswords; 12 Cluewords; 6 Colossus Crosswords; 6 MEGA! Crosswords®; 6 Code Crackers; 6 FindaWord® & 6 Crossword & Puzzle Collection delivered directly to you.

Price: AUD 840.00

Receive 26 BIG Crosswords; 24 Cluewords; 12 Colossus Crosswords; 12 MEGA! Crosswords®; 12 Code Crackers; 12 FindaWord® & 12 Crossword & Puzzle Collection delivered directly to you.

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Purchase quality Lovatts puzzle magazines featuring crosswords, wordsearch, code cracker, cryptic, trivia brain teasers, number and logic puzzles. There's a magazine to suit every taste!

Crosswords & Puzzle Syndication

Crosswords, Sudoku, Wordsearch, Codecrackers & Trivia for Your Website

Puzzles for newspapers, magazines and miscellaneous print publications

Lovatts caters for all your puzzle syndication needs. Visit our syndication website: for further information, samples and free puzzles sign-up.

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