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Lovatts Bumper Packages - Combine & Save!

Lovatts Bundles - Themed Puzzle Packs

Crosswords Bundle
12 mags per year

Code Crackers Bundle
12 mags per year

Arrowords Bundle
19 mags per year

Puzzles Bundle
12 mags per year

Kids Bumper Bundle

Word Search Bundle
12 mags per year

Cryptic Crosswords Bundle

The Lovatts Classic and Handy Range.

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Purchase quality Lovatts puzzle magazines featuring crosswords, wordsearch, code cracker, cryptic, trivia brain teasers, number and logic puzzles. There's a magazine to suit every taste!

Crosswords & Puzzle Syndication

Crosswords, Sudoku, Wordsearch, Codecrackers & Trivia for Your Website

Puzzles for newspapers, magazines and miscellaneous print publications

Lovatts caters for all your puzzle syndication needs. Visit our syndication website: for further information, samples and free puzzles sign-up.

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